Meet The Yishuv Crate.


It is more than just a crate. It is a perfect pine case, masterfully made in Shaked, a yishuv located in the lush forest landscape of northern Samaria, designed and hand-crafted by our friend Dr. Naomi Weiss (click here to discover Naomi's Shaked sourdough bread, sold exclusively through The Yishuv). Every delivery of your favorite products from The Yishuv comes perfectly packed in our exclusive, eco-friendly Yishuv Crate - of which no two are ever the same. Reuse and return you crate each month, or keep your crate for a flat fee, to love and use in your own home, for any reason. Click here to learn about our Crate Exchange Program.




The Yishuv welcomes all our Members to join Naomi and our team for a family-friendly adventure in Shaked including a one-on-one crate-crafting tutorial, and a light meal featuring Naomi's baked goods. When visiting Samaria, sign up for a fun-filled tree planting at our Shaked oak tree nursery (click here to learn more or make a donation in support of this Yishuv Impact project). 

A percentage of the proceeds from all Yishuv Industries fund eco-friendly social impact projects like our Shaked oak tree nursery, and fearless female entrepreneurs like Naomi, in all the communities our products are sourced from. 




Here at The Yishuv our goal is provide a fully sustainable service. That means we strive for zero waste when producing, packaging and delivering our products, and we work with our vendors to help them achieve the same. But we need your help to reimagine the role of waste in our daily lives, so we kindly ask you to consider how you can reuse or recycle our Yishuv Crate and all the packing included inside.


Our delivery service provides members with the opportunity to exchange their Yishuv Crate and any glass containers when receiving their next delivery. If you wish to keep your Yishuv Crate to use at home for any reason, a fee of 95 NIS will be charged following a three month grace period. For trial month purchases, our team will happily coordinate a convenient time to pick up your Yishuv Crate or charge a fee of 95 NIS after a three month grace period.


Click here to contact us with any questions about our zero waste policy, exchange program, or to coordinate pick-up for your Yishuv Crate.