Meet our friend, Oded Revivi.


Born in Israel, Oded spent his youth in the New Jersey and London, before returning home to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. After many years practicing law, Oded was elected the Mayor of Efrat, the fastest growing city in Gush Etzion, located in heart of the Judean mountains, not far from the Israeli capital of Jerusalem. In 2020, with help from Oded, and Rabbi Tuly Weisz, we were able to secure land and build an irrigation system in Tamar, a burgeoning community in Efrat, and launch our second indigenous tree project. Like our nursery in Shaked, we are committed to repopulating the community of Efrat with 1,000 native oak trees over the next five years.



The Yishuv welcomes you to join our team for a family-friendly adventure planting trees in Efrat, all year round. This unique opportunity includes a morning or afternoon at the site of the nursery, a light meal featuring delicious local goods, and a fun-filled tree planting of any number of trees. The cost of each tree is 180 NIS and can be purchased through our Paypal platform. Your payment can also be processed as a 501(3)(c) US Non-Profit tax-deductible donation.

Quiet Forest


If you are unable to join us in Efrat to plant your own tree, but would like to support this project, or have a tree planted in your name or the name of a loved one, reach out and let us know. Include your name, phone number, and purpose for planting (optional) and we will get back to you right away.


A percentage of the proceeds from all Yishuv Industries fund eco-friendly social impact projects like our Efrat tree project, and in all the communities our products are sourced from. 

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