Meet our friend, Rabbi Mordechai Minster.

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mordechai returned to Israel in 1999 to attend Yeshiva and serve in the Israel Defense Forces. In 2021, he moved to the Eitam, a remote farmland nestled in the Judean Hills of Gush Etzion, not far from the community of Efrat. In collaboration with The Yishuv, Mordechai is working to build a more sustainable future for Israel by producing some of our favorite exclusive products while supporting our local vendors through innovative agricultural initiatives. He is also an integral part of our most critical impact endeavors, like our indigenous tree project, to repopulate Gush Etzion with 1,000 native trees over the next five years. Whether tending to our crops or herding our sheep, Mordechai and his family embody the very best that The Yishuv has to offer.

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We welcome everyone to come and visit our farm all year-round. And we are happy to work with you to plan a special day for yourself, your family, youth and tourist groups, senior centers, or non- profit missions to Israel of any size. Activities include (but are not limited to): A pastoral picnic curated by The Yishuv Catering; sheep grazing with our local shepherds; exploring our ancient aqueducts; traditional stone work and terracing; tree plantings; traditional agricultural and farming practices; Jewish education, meaningful Shabbat, religious activities; overnight camping experience; and a range of impact-oriented volunteer initiatives to support the farm! Click here to download more information about The Eitam Farms.


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