Here on The Yishuv, we care as deeply about the People of Israel as we do the Land of Israel. That's why we invest a percentage of the proceeds from all Yishuv Industries into eco-friendly social impact projects supporting the communities our products are sourced from. Our mission is to provide members of The Yishuv with the very best sustainably-sourced products Israel has to offer, while ensuring these products and the communities which produce them continue to thrive for generations to come. Yishuv Impact supports a range of initiatives and volunteer efforts across Israel including volunteer harvesting, indigenous tree repopulation, and investing in community-wide solutions harnessing our natural resources, like solar power and rainwater. Together we can develop a stronger, more sustainable, and increasingly self-sufficient future for the Jewish State. Learn about our impact projects and passions below.


To inquire about impact partnerships opportunities, or lend your support to an ongoing project, click here

Hiking Trail
Forest Trees
Plant & Irrigation System
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Solar Energy
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