Meet our friend, Rabbi Yonatan "Jon" Gabbai. 


Born and raised in Texas, Jon is a cattle rancher in Ma'on, Israel, a moshav located in the rolling Judean Hills just south of Hebron. With help from his wife and five children - Jon operates a fully sustainable, small family farm producing the best locally-sourced beef products Israel has to offer. His free-range, hormone-free, cocoa-fed, organic steaks, ribs, brisket, burgers and more are coveted by meat-lovers across the country. Our Ma'on beef is currently available through The Meat Minyan subscription. 

Certified Kosher for Pesach all year round (click here for certification), Rabbi Jon personally oversees the entire farm-to-table lifecycle, ensuring members of The Yishuv can trust they are receiving the highest quality beef, at the best available price, every time. Enjoy free home delivery and a percentage of the proceeds funds eco-friendly social impact projects in the communities our products are sourced from. Learn more about our beef from Ma'on, and the Israelis who make it possible below.

Want to visit Jon's farm? The Gabbai family looks forward to hosting you on the ranch soon! Click here to learn about our ecotourism project and book your family-friendly adventure in Ma'on today!