Meet our friend Dr. Naomi Weiss.

More information about this inspiring Israeli coming soon.


Our sourdough from Shaked is available through The Yishuv Kitchen subscription. 



Certified Kosher (see certification below) members of The Yishuv can trust they are receiving the highest quality bread, at the best available price, every time. Members enjoy free monthly delivery directly to their doorstep and a percentage of the proceeds from every subscription funds eco-friendly social impact projects in the communities our products are sourced from. 



Want to visit Shaked to try Naomi's bread? Click here to arrange a family-friendly journey to Samaria and plant trees in Shaked at our oak tree nursery or learn to craft your very own Yishuv Crate while enjoying our Shaked sourdough, Shaked coffee, and other delicious local goods. Learn more about our fun-filled Yishuv Impact projects, or click here to learn about our ecotourism project and book your tree-planting or crate-crafting adventure on The Yishuv today!

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