Baking Dough

Meet our friend Dr. Naomi Weiss.

Born in Belgium and raised in Ohio, Naomi made Aliyah when she was 18. Now living in Shaked, Israel, a yishuv located in the lush forest landscape of northern Samaria, Naomi discovered a passion and talent for baking after her challah became a much-beloved feature of the communal Shabbat meals she attended in her youth. Mentored by a fellow Oleh and master baker in the Judean mountains of Gush Etzion, Naomi's commitment to traditional Dutch oven baking makes her old-fashioned Sourdough bread, cookies, baked goods, as well as cream cheese, fudge and spicy hot cocoa mix the best you've had since bubbe's house. Our delicious goods from Shaked are available through The Yishuv Kitchen, The Tel Aviv Crate and Yishuv Catering.

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Certified Kosher (certificate available upon request) members of The Yishuv can trust they are receiving the highest quality baked goods and cream cheese, at the best available price, every time. Enjoy free home delivery and a percentage of the proceeds from every sale funds eco-friendly social impact projects in the communities our products are sourced from. 


Want to visit Shaked to try Naomi's baked goods? Click here to arrange a family-friendly journey to Samaria and plant a tree in our local nursery and learn to craft your own Yishuv Crate while enjoying our delicious Shaked nosh. Learn more about Yishuv Impact projects, or click here to explore our ecotourism adventures!