Meet our friends, The Mayofis.

Having made aliyah from Russia in 2015, the Mayofis Family wasted no time making an impact on their new home by launching YOFFI, a diverse array of delicious kosher, organic and sustainably sourced products, always made exclusively in Israel. YOFFI's heavenly honey and halva, delicious date spread and dead sea salts, wonderful wine, outstanding olive oil and more supports small family farms, kibbutzim, and micro-batch producers from all across Israel. We are proud to partner with YOFFI to bring you the very best Israel has to offer. Our Yoffi brand products are available through The Yishuv Kitchen and The Kiddush Club subscriptions. 



Certified Kosher (click here for certification) members of The Yishuv can trust they are receiving the highest quality products, at the best available price, every time. Members enjoy free monthly delivery directly to their doorstep and a percentage of the proceeds from every subscription funds eco-friendly social impact projects in many of the communities our products are sourced from.